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EmiglioI was born in La Paz Bolivia. I come from a very small family with only one brother. My inspiration to the kitchen comes from my mother, who was inspired from my grandmother. I’ve seen my mother’s cooking from scratch, always using the freshest ingredients, and the most traditional comfort Bolivian cuisine. They use the slow cooking method, with many traditional spices, like cayenne, cumin, hot peppers, etc. I was always intrigued to work in the kitchen since I was little boy.

After at the University of Universidad Mayor de San Andres in Business Administration, I married my wife Maria and immigrated to the United States, we settled in Boston, and right after that I found a job as the newly opened The Inn at Harvard. I began working in the kitchen in the stewarding side, not far after I started working at this hotel; the chef noticed my talents at the kitchen when from time to time asked me to help in busy nights. Soon after that they’ve promoted me to do prep cook; I felt this was my opportunity to show off my talents. I was then promoted again to take over the line cook, as a breakfast cook. Few years later on the road an opportunity arise for Sous Chef position, I took it, and more so from my general manager and good friend, who pushed me to take over another challenge in my career. This was a great opportunity to learn more things, like supervision of the personnel, cost control, looking over banquets, room service, and dining room. I took it and here I was learning and at the same time enjoying my passion for the kitchen. Few years later, the executive chef decided to pursue a different route in the cooking carrier and left the hotel. Once again my general manager asked me if I was interested, I doubt myself, he was again there for me, and I took over the position of the executive chef at The Inn at Harvard. I executed and excellent job, serving the hotel, and also Food and Beverage department for many Harvard clients, dignitaries, movie stars, professors, etc. After 21 years of servicing the hotel, Harvard decided to close this venue.

I’m very pleased of this opportunity to open my own restaurant, and bring over my expertise and culinary talents to the Beverly community I’m very sure they will enjoy this new venue, with an outstanding service and of course freshest Bolivian cuisine.